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Promise Academy Offers:

Online Curriculum


School Psychologist

Guidance Counselor

Work Study Program

Flexible School Hours

Teacher Assistance

Promise Academy uses an online curriculum called Gradpoint.  GradPoint is a computer based academic program designed to provide students with an alternative method of earning credit towards graduation.

All courses and assignments are online; therefore students can come to Promise Academy to work in one of the computer labs, utilize off-site satellite locations throughout the city, or attend one of the Cleveland Public Libraries.  It is mandatory that all students attend in person on a regular basis to benefit from the one-on-one attention from our teachers.  After a probationary period, students will be given instructions to allow access from any computer in the world with internet access.

All classes are comprised of modules which are similar to chapters or units in a textbook.  Most modules begin with a pre-test, which test your knowledge of the topics covered by the module.  Lessons will automatically be assigned according to the pre-test scores.  After lessons are completed, a score of 70 is required on a post test to move onto the next module.  In order to earn credit, students must complete all modules in the class section.  After completion, students must take a final exam on site.  Once the exam is completed, students must verify with the teacher that they are indeed finished and ask for a final grade to be assigned.  The counselor will record student credits and track progress towards graduation.

Parents may request information regarding the professional qualifications of teachers at any time.


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